What are the most common fractures in the elderly?

Fractures of the elderly are common in the three parts of the spine, wrist and hip.
(1) vertebral fractures: the thoracolumbar spine and lumbar vertebrae. In the process of human osteoporosis, vertebral body is first involved, so that the number of trabecular bone in the vertebral body is reduced and the quality of the structure becomes fragile. It is easy to change the shape of the vertebral body in the loose and empty vertebral body, which is the compression fracture of vertebral body.
(2) wrist fractures: This is the most common type of osteoporotic fractures in the elderly. When the fall, people will be more reflective of the palm of the hand to touch the ground to support the protection of the body. At this time, the body's gravity will focus on the distal radius of the forearm and fracture. At this time, because is in the extension of wrist force caused by fracture of the distal shift to the dorsum of the hand, wrist watch from the side, a special "spatula" deformity.
(3) hip fracture (femoral neck and intertrochanteric fractures) is: hip joints of the lower extremities and trunk, fell instantly in the lower limb support, twisting force acting on the lever like like hip, osteoporosis of the elderly is very easy to cause the intertrochanteric or femoral neck fracture.